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Amatuer writer Anthony Sullivan writes lyrics and poems as a hobby, and in 2004 published his first book 'Under Star and Under Sun' to local acclaim.

Growing up in Lusmagh, a rural village outside of Banagher in Offaly, Anthony was inspired my the melodys of country music, and the form of its structure. Making up his own words for buits of songs he did not know, he soon found he had a talent for writing his own.

And so started his writing career!



Right, here’s a really quick run-down on what’s been going on with me since the launch of UNDER STAR AND UNDER SUN back in October of 2004. Firstly, let me just say that the launch night itself went off very well and a hugely belated THANK YOU to everyone who went to the trouble of coming all the way out to Banagher on the night. I’ll go into much more detail about that in another JOURNAL entry. Only disappointments were that my brither David and my good friend Tommy were unable to attend.
The week after the launch, I ran and completed my first Marathon! The Adidas Dublin City Marathon! It took me 4 hours and 31 minutes, but I crossed that line! ! ! It was tough, crazy tough! And the more I think back on it, the more I wonder how the hell I did it! ? ! ? ! ? ! I was grand until mile 19, then “ the wall “ happened! All in all though, I was happy just to finish. My training wasn’t as intense as it needed to me and I had some serious travel problems on the morning of the race, so to end up with that medal in my hand that night, really made me more than happy! !
I’ve been saying ever since that I’m going to run another one, but so far, I’ve missed the last two I said I was aiming for. All I can say about it, is I guess I didn’t really want to run them as badly as you NEED TO WANT TO RUN THEM! But I’m back in training again, and my sights are fixed on this year’s Dublin Marathon. And this time, I WANT IT! ! !
Last Summer, I went back to America, to work at Falcon for one more year. What Falcon means to me, I could only ever describe in words straight from my heart. I love the place and part of me will always be over there on the shores of Leesville, down in those woods outside Carrollton, Ohio. Going back last year was hard though, because for the first time ever I was leaving someone behind in Ireland, my girlfriend, Jenny. But I had to go because I had a lot of unfinished business to take care of. As hard as it was, and IT WAS HARD, it was worth it. And I’ll be writing about it in more detail really soon. And only a year after the fact too! ! I’m getting better at this keeping up to date lark! !

Talk to y’all again soon!

Anthony Sullivan's Works:

Under Star and Under Sun (2004) Updates


Now this hearts a kind of broken
It's gonna take a little more than
Just some time and space from yesterday
So what's gone can get far enough away
For all that never can be again
To matter less than it did when
The thought of someone could hypnotise
Leave me walkin' 'round with butterflies

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