Anthony Tony

Rookie (Februarry 28th,1965 / Panama, Canal Zone)

Biography of Anthony Tony


My name is Tony. I am a 44 year old divorced father. I was married for 17 years and was in a relationship with my ex-wife for 24 years. I live in Southern California and I have two very beautiful teenager children. A friend suggested that I share my poems and post them for other people to read. Someday I would like to publish a book of poems I've written. I've written over 100 of them. Hope you enjoy them.

Anthony Tony's Works:

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You Are So Special

You are so special, so beautiful inside and out
You shower my world with sunshine, and wash away the clouds

I want you to see and realize, how wonderful a person you are
Just like my favorite songs tells us, baby girl you are a star

A star so bright and shiny, you lighten up all my days
In my life forever, I hope you will always stay

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