Anthony Weir

Rookie (13th September 1941)

Biography of Anthony Weir

Now 65, having lived my life entirely dissident, vasectomised, refusing to be employed, married, and to have anything to do with 'normality', I divide my State-Pensioned time between beautiful, remote, rural Northern Ireland and a beautiful mediæval village in the Aveyron Gorges of south-west France. I also write poems in French: http: //

The most common comment about my poems on PoemHunter is 'PROVOCATIVE' - which in Literary New-speak means 'shocking' or 'outrageous'. This is very satisfying.

Anthony Weir's Works:

Tide and Undertow, Blackstaff Press, Belfast 1976
Cinema of the Blind, Blackstaff Press, Belfast 1980
Early Ireland, a Field Guide, Blackstaff Press, Belfast 1981
Images of Lust, Batsford Books, London 1986
Dispatches from the War against the World, Dissident Editions, Downpatrick, l994
The Transcendental Hotel, Dissident Editions, Downpatrick,1996
Womb of Half-fogged Mirrors, Dissident Editions, Downpatrick,1998
plus various other books (by Dissident Editions) since 2000. Updates

A Cold Eye

Wisdom is awareness
of the futility of communication
and the prodigality of the
communication of futility:
Wisdom is bareness.

Books are dead trees
and marketing and choked drains,
and poems are dead cells

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