Antimoni Dutta

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Biography of Antimoni Dutta

Antimoni Dutta is a well known Indian poet, critic and story writer.
Antimoni Dutta was born at Sivasagar in Assam (India) . His early life was spent in the greenary surroundings of Sivasagar, and thus he started his school going days in that same place upto his B.A. Degree in english literature and thereafter completed his LLB Degree.
He writes both in English, Hindi and mother tongue Assamese.

Antimoni Dutta's Works:

Antimoni Dutta's first book " The Flag of the Scarlet Sun" is going to be published soon.
(It is a collection of some selected poems.) Updates


Day grows and withers away
In the moonlit hands
evening's fragrance walks on the hazy canvas

Don't know how to rewrite those paragraphs
without prognostication hasten to the end.

Lonsome hours unknowingly wet in desultory days
Alone in the port, blurry faces stand, climbs down from the abyss of careful memory...

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