Antoine La Najja

Antoine La Najja Poems

1. Lie For Love 6/5/2010
2. Idolising Nature 6/5/2010
3. Pains Of Love 6/5/2010
4. The Jester 6/5/2010
5. Ambitions Ruling 6/5/2010
6. Cippled Old Man 6/5/2010
7. The Wind 6/5/2010
8. Birth Of A Caterpillar 6/5/2010
9. Flower 6/5/2010
10. Water And Ice 6/5/2010
11. Alone I Sit 6/6/2010
12. Strained 6/6/2010
13. Colours 6/6/2010
14. Married To A Tree 6/6/2010
15. Oh, Jester 6/13/2010
16. Words 6/13/2010
17. Fear's Concealment 6/4/2010
18. Unclean Regrets 6/4/2010
19. War, A Man's Breakdown 6/4/2010
20. Common Power 6/4/2010
21. A Question To The Maker 6/13/2010
22. Parent And Child 6/13/2010
23. Stationary Motion 6/4/2010
24. Too Much Freedom 6/13/2010
25. Human Nature 6/4/2010
26. A Billion Paper Hearts 6/4/2010
27. Love Like An Owl (Three Deadly Confessions No1) 6/4/2010
Best Poem of Antoine La Najja

Love Like An Owl (Three Deadly Confessions No1)

My love is like the owl

Asleep in the morning
When your face is true
Active at night
When the darkness conceals you

With stern, gaped eyes
That press through and through
And patience
That subdues my urges for a few.

Your loves purity,
Full of innocence and honesty that keeps you tame,
Drives the dove to insanity
And places me in the cold arms of shame

Because my love
Is full of faults
And puts our love
On seemingly endless halts

Unfortunately as I hoot
It is not my conscious calling
But are my lusts
That I deem ...

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Human Nature

As solemn as the heart
Yet as menacing as the dove
As soft as the fingers
Yet as rough as a feather

As courageous as the mind
Yet as timid as the lion
As gentle as the lips
Yet as threatening as the forest

Nature can be deceiving
But human is always sound
And that is why
Your breath still scares me now

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