Antoinette Davis

Rookie (10-13-1987 / Deerfield Beach)

Biography of Antoinette Davis

well, i started writing when I Was about 12 years old. I would write when i was upset most of the time so all of my poems were coming out with a lot of angry but when my 6th grade teacher told me hey u have skills, i Believed her. so then i look at my papers in school as if i was a great writer. I felt like I was so that made me want to write more and So i did. so writing became a big part of my life. every thing i wrote about i have been through. I try to express meself and feelings to to fullest.I want the reader to feel every thing i am saying. Hey that's just me always caring about everyone else before myself.... Updates

I Seen A Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star not too long ago,
And I wished for a moment that I hope one day reoccurs.
We both Know we Have Strong feelings that we feel for each other,
It Kind of too late to Hide, A judge should be present cause I Want to make a plea.
I Only knew u for four months, but i feel i know u for years,
missing One another more and more each day.
Feels like were stuck in bad Traffic or blushing our teeth without tooth paste.
If only I knew then what I know now,
I would have been s

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