Antoinette Kopperfield

Biography of Antoinette Kopperfield

I am a mother and grandmother with dreams and aspirations of becoming a better poet. Some people have asked me how I became a poet, and I tell them I wrote my first poem at Yosemite when I was twenty-one years old. I was overtaken by its beauty and breathtaking views of nature. Since then I have gotten inspired many times over by people and places. I have experienced love in the fullest sense which has given me a basis for my writings. In addition, I have been on a spiritual journey to understanding the self. That is my quest in life, and I aspire to get better. Updates

The Quill Of Black

Scented flowers drank from life
The veins of passion whispered true
Wrapped above a card-so white
A quill of black with words so few

Desires not-their friend who waits
Without a love so given free
Abounding in her hearts domain
A quill of black-says it must be

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