Anuj Raj Singh

Rookie (10/06/1993 / New Delhi)

Biography of Anuj Raj Singh

Writer and poet Anuj raj Singh can be described in his own words as A little kid by heart, a freak cricket fan and a true lover of Taylor swift songs. He has written a novel ‘journey of musical treat’ under dreamland publication house at New Delhi, India. At present he is working on his project ‘still 13’.

Early Life

Anuj was born on June 10,1993 in Allahabad, the son of a retired Air force personnel. His mother is a homemaker as most of the ladies in India are, he says “it was love at first sight, with my fluttering eyes the first image which I captured was her, she eventually fell in love with me forever and so was the case with me...somehow it happened and is happening till now almost 18 years later. I love her too much…she is my most beautiful, bubbliest actress in this life. In short I would say it’s a beautiful gifted relationship between mother and son.”
Originally his parent named him Chandan Singh but at age of 5, he named himself as Anuj with a little help from his elder sister because he found his original name a bit old fashioned. His middle name too has a story… “Actually when I was in class 9, during a cricket match in school I used Raj for first time, to show that Rahul Raj, my opening partner is my brother. That time Pathan brothers were trending topics so I thought of Raj brothers”
Raj was raised in a lower middle class family. He unquoted “I was always told that I was born in the hell to live a disastrous life. My father resigned from air force two years earlier even before I was born. His decision was mysterious and ridiculous as mom says and in turn we have to pay for it living a substandard life. So until my elder sister start earning I spent most of my childhood in a sort of poverty”.
He completes his primary and secondary schooling from Air Force School Bamrauli, one of the most reputed schools in Allahabad. He was an extremely brilliant student in his school life and till class tenth his minimum aggregate was 93.75% which is a remarkable achievement of consistency. He shared his experience over there … “I was popular over there for my academic records but it did not ensures that I was flawless. Definitely I wasn’t.., since I was from a poor family and have had several problems at home, never been able to afford to meet the standard of other kids who were wealthier, who usually wore neat cleaned and ironed uniform at the same time case with me was contrastingly different. I was bullied, rejected and was almost lonely, that time I felt if I was a loser or an alien on unknown planet. I returned back miserable everyday and that pumped me to do well in academics! Forget those things now I’m getting too emotional and nostalgic there were few people whom I would remember forever in my life, first one is Gaurav Verma my best buddy whom I miss every minute, Manjula mam who laid strong foundation of scientific approach in me and Anam Fatima a super brilliant girl”

New Delhi

Anuj moved to Delhi in early 2009 after completing secondary school with sole motive of preparation of IIT-JEE a prestigious examination in India. He took admission in RNIS coaching academy but later quit it being not able to pay fee on time. “You know, teaching is been highly commercialized here. The coaching centers charge a huge amount of money nearly two lakhs for two years preparation which is even higher than actual fee of IITs. I decided to self study but I had a dream to complete my 10+2 from a highly reputed institution which came true. I got admission in Air Force Bal Bharati School where I was given fee waiver of 50% being child of air force personnel” he explained.

Anuj maintained his academic record in AFBBS, and became every teacher heartthrob soon. His class teacher ET Mani who used to teach him English, whom Anuj consider his mentor and idol and credits all his writing skills, says... “This boy was extraordinary in science subjects, I had heard a lot from other teacher but one day he bunked from my class that day I had given debate topic in which each student had to participate. I had no option but to put a big zero against his name. In first term examination he could score only 54 marks in English. On parent teachers meeting day he came with his brother to collect the report card, I was surprised to see the difference in marks the lowest besides English was 97 out of hundred in mathematics. I sat with him for almost half an hour and discussed his problem. He was committing some fundamental basic error but he had written some very good points in writing section. He took some ten extra classes with me and improved exponentially simply because he was working hard and determined enough to do well. Today when I see his novel and poems I consider myself lucky that I taught such a brilliant child. I’m quite confident that one day Anuj, my son will become a big name in Indian Literature.”

In summer of 2010 he developed a lung infection which was detected only after 3 months. He saw a deep in his academic performances. As with most of the patients of lungs infection happens, he too complained of slow reaction rate. Anuj’s views about AFBBS….
“First day was amazing, I was in my dream world that day I met two lovely and sweet friends who later on became integral part of my life Sumit and Aadarsh. However, I was criticized for my childish voice in early days but sooner everyone became my friends and most of them treated me like their younger brother. Overall those two years are happiest and most memorable one; I learned how to bunk classes, hangout with beautiful girls and be cute and lovely to my classmates.”

Writing Career

‘Journey of Musical Treat’ was published on 5th Feb.2012 under Dreamland publication, a joint Venture of Mr. ET Mani.Book was co-written by Anuj and his teacher. ‘Journey of Musical Treat’ got mixed reviews with an average rating of 3 stars. Many claimed that writing style was inspired by Chetan Bhagat, best Indian seller in last five years; however on very first page Anuj has credited Taylor swift to influence his writing. The book is about Anuj and his two college friends who went on a trip to Almora. His comments about his very first book…
“Digvijay my singer friend had crush on a girl...and he gave me task to write some romantic messages to her.I did and she replied positively. Then all of sudden there were love songs in atmosphere...There was romance, drama and emotion almost everything on trip and I gave it name JMT”

Anuj has copyrights of 12 poems of which 3 have been published on our website. He has written about 15 short songs in Hindi and English.

Anuj Raj Singh's Works:

Journey of musical Treat Updates

Victorious Broken Heart

Baby, here I'm
beneath the dark sky, looking for shooting star
wishing if time returns back, that far
when we were painted in colour of each other, together
when I would think these days will last forever

Baby, its been more than three years and I'm still reaching
even though I know You are not there
Baby, whenever I look back, then and now

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