Anuj Tikku

Rookie (10th may 1974 / Fathepur India)

Anuj Tikku Poems

1. The Dirtywhore 11/23/2012
2. Cheers My Friends For Single Malt 11/23/2012
3. Hell! I Am Going To Take You To The Police 11/23/2012
4. Committed 11/23/2012
5. Pork Chops Are Fun 11/26/2012
6. Meet My Mummy 11/26/2012
7. The Slither 11/26/2012
8. Oink Oink 11/26/2012
9. The Hum Drum Of Platinum 12/3/2012
10. The Bum 12/5/2012
11. The Son Of A Gun 12/6/2012
12. The Dealer 12/6/2012
13. Busted Balls 12/7/2012
14. I Use To Be A Man My Friends 12/7/2012
15. The Rave 12/9/2012
16. The Great Meditator 12/9/2012
17. Regret 12/9/2012
18. The Door 12/9/2012
19. The Rehab 12/9/2012
20. Daddy 12/10/2012
21. My Mama Rot's Away 12/10/2012
22. The Bardmaid 12/10/2012
23. The Divorce 12/10/2012
24. The Hangover 12/10/2012
25. The Threesome 12/12/2012
26. Politics 12/12/2012
27. The Cigarette 12/12/2012
28. The Lunatic 12/12/2012
29. Love 12/12/2012
30. Soulmate 12/12/2012
31. Lie 12/12/2012
32. Oh My Visa Application 12/11/2012
33. The Funeral Pyre 12/11/2012
34. The Stalker 12/11/2012
35. The Sucide Note 12/11/2012
36. Miserey 12/13/2012
37. The Soul 12/13/2012
38. The Gangsters Moll 12/13/2012
39. The Haunting 12/13/2012
40. Now That I Am A Millionaire 12/13/2012

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Best Poem of Anuj Tikku

Eat That Pussy

Eating pussy
Oh! Ah it' heights and all to good
A prick up my pussy as it should
Up and down in a slow motion
Taking me to greater oceans
Don't stop now as I am coming
Give it your all as I will soon begin chumming
Stop now let me teach you new tricks
It's time to stop using your prick
It's time to swirl that tongue up my pussy
Come on be a man and stop being a sissy
The clit is hidden under the flaps
It's a women sweet spot
That's why she keeps it under wraps
Come on come on it's ripe and juicy
It's time for you to eat that pussy
Nuzzle your ...

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The Dirtywhore

The Dirty Whore
Whore whore whore the dirty little whore
With her heavy hips and juicy lips
She is bound by her pimp who gives her, her daily dose
Crack Coke heroine or lsd
In them she her emotions pores
Whore whore whore the dirty little whore
As she tickles your dick and gives you new kicks
Biting down your balls to take it all

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