anupam mukhopadhyay

Rookie (17.2.1979 / ghatal, india)

Biography of anupam mukhopadhyay

Anupam Mukhopadhyay (Mukherjee in English) (born 1979) is an important and controversial Bengali language poet and critic who also writes in English. He grew up in Ghatal and began to write since the early 2000. From his early years, he had been actively involved with some of the parallel literary movements that grew in the morphing arena of mainstream literature. Anupam is published widely in Bengali poetry magazines and his departure from the mainstream hailed as pathbreaking. He has authored three books of poetry. He is also a prolific poetry-columnist who writes regularly in both electronic and print media.


1. Rod Othar Aage (2007) / kabita pakshik prakashani

2. Jar Naam Aparajita Seo Kintu Naamkarane Here Jae (2008) / kabita campus prakashani

3. Rubaru (2008) / kalimati prakashani

4. Highway (to be published in 2009 / Natun Kabita Prakashani)


In 2007 Anupam received the Shikha Mitra Smarak Samman from the Kabita Pakshik (Poetry Fortnightly) magazine & press, Kolkata.

In 2007 Anupam was nominated for The Bristidin Award.

Anupam has translated the lyrics of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and the poems of William Carlos Williams and Franz Kafka into Bangla.

As an Essayist
Anupam Mukhopadhyay is an established essayist in Bangla. His chief subject is poetry of course. His essays are regularly published in literary journals in India. He wrote valuable essays on Sunil Gangopadhyay, Samir Roychoudhury, Malay Roy Choudhury, Jibananda Das, Sukumar Roy, Binoy Majumdar, W.H.Auden, Buddhadeb Bose and Rabindranath Tagore.

Adhunantika (post-modern) Phase
In the early 2000 Anupam's poetry a took a dramatic turn, which has been termed as the Adhunantika Phase in Bengali literature. The term Adhunantika was coined by linguist Dr Prabal Dasgupta. Adhunantika was constructed out of two Bengali words: Adhunika, meaning new, current, present times, contemporary, modern etc.; and Antika, meaning closure, adjacent, end, extreme, beyond etc. The contemporary condition in West Bengal, India was in urgent need for a term to define itself. The appellation Adhunantika suited the condition best, and was acceptable at the academic as well as avant-garde world of little magazines. In this phase (specially 2003-2006) Anupam contributed mainly to the journal Kabita Pakshik. He wrote more than 150 poems during this period. And published more than 100.


It seems that Anupam's poetry comes close to that of William Carlos Williams to some extent. Both poets use the domestic elements largely. They share a world between them. Anupam lives in the small town Ghatal. His poems belong to this town, to this micro-cosmos. Anupam is a school-teacher in a village nearby. He goes to school riding a bicycle. He tries to depict this daily journey in his poetic works.

Anupam's second book (Jar Naam...) shows his liking of Walt Whitman to some extent.

anupam mukhopadhyay's Works:

1. rod othar age(2005) 2. jar naam aparajita seo kintu naamkarane here jae(2007) 3. rubaru (2007) 4. highway (2009) Updates


haunted house... address lost from our walllet...
we came into the house near past...
light satisfactory ... sounds of a fine morning arrive...
krishnakanta roy ... his favourite carbon...
krishnakanta roy... his intimate words...
time loves us... monsoon...
returned so

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