Anushka Arora

Rookie (10th june 1998 / DELHI)

Biography of Anushka Arora

Born in Delhi, belong from Punjab.......
A fun loving person studying in 10th standard...
poem can express my feeling the BEST
Please read my poems and adore them...
~Anushka Arora~

I use writing as an anti-depressant.

I despise what I do, but I don’t resent it.

I slit my wrists with paper and ink

I smoke my thoughts and inject what I think.

I crush my misery,

Then snort my pride

I’m a manic addict

With nothing to hide

I scream, I’ll yell

But I won’t open my mouth.

Headaches from silence

Yet, that’s what life’s about.

Poetic knife

And a metaphoric noose

I’m condemned in this cage

With no intention of break loose. Updates

You Are May Be Here :)

Sitting next to you
BUT still away
Talking to you
BUT still silent
Having food with you
BUT still starving
Laughing with you
But still crying
I guess its your shadow

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