Anwar Jamali

Rookie (06-03-1990 / Hyderabad Pakistan)

Biography of Anwar Jamali

Occuation.... Student
place of Birth.... Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan
Subject........... Commerce
Interesting in.... Poetry, Dawn newspapper, Music(Classical) .
Favourite poets... Shakespeare, Words Worth< G.A Allana.
University........ University of Sindh Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan
(there is no retalive except my mother, I have no words to explain her faith. God bless her and save herself from the evil airs of this world.
Iam the result of her prayers. Her Hands are Always Hangs upon the God's door for me. (O' My God bless herself, bless herself, Bless herself and Keep herself simling always)

(God bless on me, my family and whole world)

Anwar Ahmed Jamali Updates

Bring Me Back My Courage

I never lost it, But
i was compelled to do so,
for which mistake i am sentenced for,
why i am pushed in the grave of discourage
take all my happiness but
only bring me back my couage

i have no complain with my dreams
but have with those who discourage my dreams

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