Aphrodite Anastasia Menegaki Biography

Born in Greece on a November morning, I grew up with an almost instinctive love for music, poetry and fine arts. Started reading at the age of four, and soon enough I was constantly found in the library of my parents' house, searching the pages of some old book, either to read a story of pirates and knights or a poem written long ago under moon's light. Instead of dolls and fancy toys, I wanted notebooks to write down my thoughts.

Music accompanies my life ever since I was born. To me, music is the only language that can speak to the heart of every human being around the world, and expresses all that lies deep within the soul sometimes without using a single word.

I am a true believer of the phrase Where there is a will, there is a way.

I adore kids & animals. I love my piano, photography, horse riding, swimming, scuba diving, history, adventures and mysteries.

I have a 1st Class BSc in Shipping Transport, an MSc with Distinction in Shipping Business, and a MA in International Relations and Diplomacy.

I enjoy working on a poem, or reading a novel, or analysing a four hundred year old painting, trying to uncover a story that has been lost for centuries, or when I'm standing at the shore, facing the everlasting sea. I enjoy travelling, or when I try to depict all that I see and love through the lens of my camera, when I am with the ones I love, when I stand under the bright sunlight, or when I find myself lost in a new adventure.

I follow my heart. I am myself; cannot lie and will not pretend. :)

Aphrodite-Anastasia Menegaki

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