Apphia Grimonia

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Biography of Apphia Grimonia

My name is Apphia Tendahal and born in 1989.Grimonia was my confirmation name. I've 4 siblings and I'm the youngest. I grew up in a modest family. My father was a religious man, so that makes people thought that my family was perfect. What they saw was faked because we’ve been through a lot of problems that will make them speechless if they know. I and my brothers really gave a rough time to our parents. Regret was the last thing we done after being so fool.
As I grew up, time taught me everything well but problem became difficult. I’m glad that I had changed. But sadly, it seems my brothers not changed so well. My guilt towards my parents grew. With all the things that I’ve done and I’ve been through, I walk with pain and regret. There’s no one seems to understand what I'm try to reveal. Besides that, telling them is not satisfying me. It’s still had boundaries.
So then, it was on 2003 where I started to write a poem. I don’t know what brought me to write but I suddenly love it and it comforts me. I can reveal all my feelings, my thought and what’s going on with my life. The fact, there is no boundaries between pen and paper. From that moment, my pen and my paper became my best friend to vent everything. Updates

He Kept On Praying

He is suffering
His heart was struggling
Seeing his wife crying
In night while he was praying.
He is trying of running
Away from suffering
He has no place for hiding
He just kept on praying.
He never stopped hoping

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