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Im 13 Years old and i love writing in any form, poems, stories etc
Please comment
I am fine with constructive critisism: P
But not with random hating
At my age i am ust doing it for enjoyment so please be nice :)

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Hunted Deer

The ground quivers in fear, as foot touches floor;
Deaths presence is here, man, the strongest predator.
I’m insignificant, for I am nought but an animal to thee,
But I’m more humane, men are the only true animals I see.
A sickly feeling rises in my throat, my stomach churns and rolls,
For some reason they hate all animals, and prey on our innocent souls.

My body cannot move to shake, my tongue, to form a sound,
Uneven breaths heave from my chest, in my ears, my heart does pound.

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