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“Young achiever; Rising Star; Prodigious Poet; Gifted Child; Young Talent; Child Prodigy…”are the words of the Indian Print media, introducing Apurva and her poems to the world!
INDIA’S Youngest Poetess (Limca Book of Records,2003) , B.Y.Apurva Iyengar, is a versatile and a creative writer, born on Sep 5,1986, in Chitradurga (Karnataka state) and brought up in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) . Apurva has been acknowledged as a child prodigy for her poetic talent. She has been composing poems in English and Hindi from a very tender age of 5 and her first book of verse Shri Satyapurva Poetry was published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan when she was just 12. She was featured in The Limca Book of Records of 2003 as the Youngest Poet in India. Her talent has been recognized and honoured by several literary organizations at State, National and International levels. She won a letter of appreciation from former Prime minister of India, Shri A.B.Vajpayee and also a Certificate recognizing her talent from Mr Chandrababu Naidu (Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) in Nov 2001. Apurva’s poems have been appreciated for the message of peace they carry; patriotic fervour they arouse; spiritual insight and nature love that they exhibit. She was awarded the Pratibha Puraskar for being a young achiever by the AIPC, Khurja. Voices Net International Youth website awarded SPECIAL RECOGNITION to her poem ‘Life In Rhythm’. She won a special prize from Muse India, a literary e-journal in the muse contest 2008. Several awards and many certificates in various co-curricular activities are to her credit. She aspires to be a poetess of repute and an able IAS officer. Apurva tunes her songs, write stories, jingles, rhymes, songs, essays and articles which are frequently published online and in news dailies. She is one of the ‘youngest member’ of The Poetry Society of India, New Delhi. Apurva has also excelled academically (College topper in class 12) and has won many prizes as a student. For her prodigious talent, she has been featured in several newspapers and television channels including The Hindu, The Times of India, The New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, regional newspapers, NDTV, Doordarshan and regional television channels. Presently she is enrolled for a Masters course in Public Administration and is simultaneously preparing for the civil services examination.

website: www.apurvaiyengar.weebly.com

Apurva Iyengar's Works:

Title: Shri Satyapurva Poetry
Author: B. Y. Apurva
No of Pages: 88
Illustrations: 1 Pages
Paper Back Price: Rs.70 /-
I.S.B.N: 81-7276-135-X
Bharatiya Bhavans Book University

Book Review:
1. Title: Treasure house of poems
Rating: Good
Even before you start reading the poems, you are floored!
On seeing a very endearing picture of the child poetess, Apurva, that is, at the back of the book.
[According to one of the pages of the The Hindu newspaper's web site, Apurva has got an entry in the Limca Book of Records as the youngest poetess with a publication.]
The book opens with a colourful and attractive,
full page picture of Shri Satya Sai Baba to whose lotus feet, the young poetess has dedicated the book.
'The poems show a remarkable empathy for nature and the environment' says the Foreword to this book, written by the principal of the school where Apurva did her primary schooling.
And this empathy is indeed found in good measure in the poems.
The Publisher's Note writes about Apurva's precociousness
and also describes the poems as a 'bouquet of beautiful thoughts'.
In her Preface, Apurva is all gratitude personified and declares that,
by the grace of God, she has reached a stage of being to able to present her maiden work.
What strikes you while you read the poems is that while some poems use simple words,
many others show that the poetess has already got a rich repository of English words at her disposal.
A hundred poems with varying number of lines from four to thirty, rhyme beautifully and the poetess, a child prodigy and a creative genius that she is, demonstrates her versatility with verse, composing on a wide range of subjects.
Her stunning spiritual insight comes to the fore, in many of her poems which have generous references to God and nature.
And even to life, death, past life and future life!
The first poem is a gracefully composed one about God.
Some of the poems are comic and humorous and the poems 'My Anger'and 'Count 1 to 20' in particular are delightful.
A couple of poems deal with cricket, and we get to read how, funnily enough, a big sixer found its way into the kitchen mixer!
Poems 'My Motherland', 'Freedom Struggle', 'Our National Flag' and 'Our India is Great' have patriotic flavor and inspire love for the motherland.
Carrying important and profound messages, the poems 'Trees', 'Tree's Plea', 'Request'
are all for planting more trees, greenery and the environment and also deplore their destruction.
Apurva's inherent ability to put her stretch of imagination as well and in as many verses as she does in her poems 'A ride with God', 'I wish to be' is what captivates you.
Showing a degree of maturity well beyond her years, in a philosophical and masterpiece of a poem entitled 'Past Present', the poetess, portrays the life cycle of a human from birth,
childhood, teenager, professional, old age and eventually death and rebirth, in an outstanding manner.
Over all, this wonderfully presented, priceless book, makes thoroughly enjoyable reading and provides a rich, rewarding experience.
by Ravi Chandran.

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