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Heather Woodhead 24 February 2019

Hi Aqua Flower, I was wondering if it would be Ok to commission your poem ' Everlasting love' to be set to music for my Mum & Dad 70th wedding anniversary? Heather xx

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Bill Cantrell 14 December 2018

A lovely poetess that pens from a caring heart, emotions runs deep in writings and I find much pleasure in reading them, an asset to Poemhunter

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 25 August 2018

Nice poetry. Sensual yet thought provoking.

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Khairul Ahsan 28 June 2018

Thanks, Aqua Flower, for returning to PH. Your poetry is easy to understand and easy to relate. I love reading your poems.

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Carl Roussell 31 May 2018

Rainbow Flower is one of my favourite poets at Poem Hunter. Happy writing!

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Rainbow Flower is the beauty in creation. She has a song in her heart that cries out to romantics.All her poems are heartfelt. To read her poetry brings joy.

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