Aram Stefanian Poems

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To go through the horrors again you need a prod
Trapped in the creepy purgatory, you can't come home
Surrounded by familiar demons, you taste blood
They let out a belly laff, ''Who's this marble dome? ''


Your dazed soul has unloaded itself freely from your senseless body
Having acquired the wishful ability to fly, it's floating up
Drawn into a whirlwind, it passes through a tunnel, dark and bloody
Diverse chapters from your life are seen before it comes to a stop


Your gruesome visions of the future are making you freak
A global war of demolition will lead to the hell on earth
You'll be left alone holding the short end of the stick
For those created souls there's gonna be no rebirth

The Condemned

Your soul was suddenly caught up in a stormy air current.
Hindered from going to heaven, it landed on a distant star.
That there were vital signs it was clearly apparent:
A tall building with small darkened windows and a weird long car.


If your heart fails to fall in love again
You have to blame nobody but yourself for that
Is it your body or soul whenever you feel pain?
To regain the bygone delight you bust a gut

Grand Finale

A new celestial body ejected from the core of the black hole
Is gonna change the rigid schedule of the universe for good
Where's that luckiest person who'll be in time for saving his soul?
The non-human race is to rule after the mankind ends up worm-food

Daze To Come

Unwittingly, I peeped into a data base of the universe
And witnessed developments of the days to come.
The subsequent nations seemed enlightened and diverse,
Wars were ancient history there, and weapons unwelcome.

Los Otros/The Others

In your house at 10 after midnight the ghosts appear.
Making a terrible noise, they move chairs and raise the shades.
You can't fall asleep, trying to dispel your mortal fear.
The paintings fall down, and you see large letters on the wall: HADES.

X-Ray Eyes

When the lightning struck, Brent thought, ''I don't believe this! ''
The flashing zigzags across the sky looked beastly and vibrant
Brent hid under a tall tree, blinded by intolerable brightness
A sudden cloudburst followed, and for a while everything remained silent

Nostophobic Kid

Floating in the aqueous confined space for months
And afterwards being pushed out through a dark narrow tunnel
You face a light, the same as you used to witness beyond clouds
And feel sad about living because it is temporal