Aram Stefanian Poems

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Stairway To The 7 Heavens

A fallen angel fleed from the second heaven
Where he was imprisoned waiting for final judgment
Blinded by light after abiding in complete darkness
He flew to the third heaven escaping by a miracle a river of flame

Esto Me Jode

Another down trip under blazing Colombian sun
You're burned out, wishing you bought the big one
The obtrusive sound of samba turns you off
Still knocked out, you dash for smelling the stuff

Arrow Of Love

Was it unpredictable or just by pure chance
That we had to part from each other out of the blue?
Or maybe it's the same old story with any whirlwind romance
That's gonna break off before something goes askew.

Gone Under

The day Amanda moved to a new house, it rained hard
Her cat meowed like crazy and chased after unseen ghosts
She had a sleepless night; something crawled in the yard
And then she heard, ''Let's get rid of the intrusive hosts''


Mike came out of a deep coma after 200 days
And tried to recall the events of that tragic night
When he and Alexa went on a walk, a full moon seemed to blaze
He was alarmed, ''We had a full moon two weeks ago, it's not moonlight''

Heaven's Baby

After you bit the dust, your soul hovered between the dark and the light
Casting a fleeting glance at its former body, it took a flight
Puzzled to see no light at the end of the dark burrow
It felt mortal fear of utter solitude and profound sorrow

Final Start

Dunno how much longer I'll be spinning my wheels
I should've gone with the flow, but I sat tight
Now and then life looks like rapid movie stills
I don't need a piece of the action that gives me stage fright


The first night in their new house was frightful
Dan and Rita heard doors downstairs opening and closing
Hasty footsteps and shaky voices sounded awful
When something tapped Rita on the shoulder, she hit the ceiling

Astral Travel

When I turn into a spirit and start my astral travel,
I hope the angels pick me up and guide into the Light.
On the other side, I'll be strong enough to defy evil,
Flying across the universe into the moonless night.

In Debt

I got a weird metal screen on a moonlight requisiton
It hung in the air, emitting an eerie radiance
That it was an extraterrestrial device, I had no premonition
Unfamiliar scripture on it appeared: a coded message from a sacred alliance