Aram Stefanian Poems

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Tv Freak

Another morning of the exhausted world
You rush to get busy with the same routine
Watching the news, you're becoming a TV freak
Wondering what on the backroom boys' mind is

Git (Geeks In Town)

We're street smart, spoiling for a fight
Gonna get some tonsil bath and get paid
We are the fuming children of the night
We always hassle when get ourselves laid

Goose Egg

While loking back, your life seems like
One big goose egg
Before being born again, first
You need to die.Break a leg!

Winter Mornings

Winter mornings, as dark as the nights
Make you feel solitary and cheerless
After an invisible hand turns up the lights
You're in a joyful mood, being fearless

Paper Garbage

Your cherished dream is from now on unsealed
You've got everything you always strived for
A fatal wound in your heart is now healed
Being satisfied with life, whine no more


Courtney had a recurring dream about a guy from the outer space.
His grey skin was part fur, he had large red eyes, and a tail.
As he tried to put the moves on her, she screamed, ''Bag your face! ''
She broke out in a cold sweat when was caught in a raging gale.

Fake Book

You've already learned the strict do's and don't's
If you follow them, you're good for nothing
Happy after getting brownie points?
While breaking rules, you're onto a good thing


For a tyrant like you time 's flying slowly
You assume that it's under your own power
Overdosed on a lifetime, you can't feel lonely
Your evil empire gonna thrive and tower

Chill Out

Play it cool,
Chill out!
Calm down and
Don't bug out!


Jealousy's breaking your heart into shards
Disappointed and cheated by your date
No earthly reason, it's maybe in the cards
To clean up your act it's rather too late