Aram Stefanian

Rookie - 110 Points (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Aram Stefanian Poems

121. The Darkest Night 2 6/8/2005
122. Waiting 2/15/2005
123. Off The Lights 1/15/2005
124. Confessions 1/15/2005
125. Dreamed Of You (For Kurt Cobain) 12/29/2004
126. New Generation 1/7/2005
127. Goofed 12/31/2004
128. Future In The Past 1/7/2005
129. Road 4/20/2005
130. Broken Hearts 3/13/2005
131. My Seraphic Assassin (For Anderson Ballesteros) 5/28/2005
132. Dark Age 10/25/2005
133. 5 After Midnight (A Halloween Pun) 10/25/2005
134. Arm In Arm 10/26/2005
135. Stories 10/26/2005
136. Angel 10/29/2005
137. Nyctophobia 11/1/2005
138. Breed 11/1/2005
139. Abductee 11/1/2005
140. Nomad 11/1/2005
141. Ferryman 9/27/2005
142. On The Bean 1/8/2005
143. High And Dry 1/7/2005
144. Your Lot 1/7/2005
145. Final Destination 1/7/2005
146. Unable (To Our Youth) 1/15/2005
147. Reanimator 5/25/2005
148. Bad Trip 1/15/2005
149. Nation 1/15/2005
150. Ennui 1/15/2005
151. Killer Time 12/29/2004
152. Ardent Zeal 6/15/2005
153. Someday 6/18/2005
154. Rustfree 4/20/2005
155. Dead To The World 4/20/2005
156. All Clocks 4/20/2005
157. Roundup 12/28/2004
158. Kid Inside 1/25/2005
159. Unsafe 4/6/2005
160. Discover (From Book Untitled) 2/12/2005

Comments about Aram Stefanian

  • Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler (2/16/2005 8:03:00 AM)

    well, i'll tell you Aram: the ability to put two lines together and make them rhyme does not a poet make you. then again, you're already strides ahead of most of the posters to this site. you've got your roots. grow from them.

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  • Michael Witkowski (2/12/2005 8:13:00 AM)

    After a brief indigestion thanks to your poems, i have changed my mind as to your poetry- it is revolting, unimaginative, sex-obsessed, contains too many swear words but too little quality. Your lines have always a broken rhythm- seem more like a sequence of cunning cool cut cliched phrases strung together that are meant to shock & disgust.

  • Michael Witkowski (2/12/2005 7:51:00 AM)

    Hello Aram,
    I am sorry to note that you are flooding this site with your creations. I appreciate them, however i would like to see fresh poems by other persons too. You crowd out all that's not yours.

  • Graham Leese (2/12/2005 7:31:00 AM)

    Your poems are hedonistic lucid dreams, and paint the most potent pictures. I am glad you post in bulk as i wouldnt want to miss your talent, from now on i'm an avid reader of your work.

  • Herbert Nehrlich1 (2/12/2005 7:06:00 AM)

    While I won't join the previous correspondent in his praise of your talent (I find it rather moderate) I do agree that you need to find another outlet for your work.
    This site is not for people who flaunt their stuff and crowd out others.

  • Michael Shepherd (2/12/2005 6:24:00 AM)

    Hey Aram, don't knock all the rest of us off the window with your undoubted talent..I'd rather read one poem from you carefully each day than scroll through so many without I guess would others. Best wishes.

Best Poem of Aram Stefanian

Mib/Men In Black

Eric recalled seeing them after a UFO sighting
They had artificial features, looking like clones of each other
Black suits and thick soled black shoes were their clothing
Talking in gibberish and making no sense, one of them said
he was a government big brother
They warned Eric against breathing a word about the event
Then they told him they had to extract information from his head
Eric had no slightest idea what they really meant
They suspected him of being a son of heaven
After touching him with a glowing rod, he saw red
He confessed that he was from Nibru, the ...

Read the full of Mib/Men In Black


I'm waiting for you, my feathered friend
To resume our round-the-heaven flight
My near future will just on you depend
A flyboy like you may heal the restless night

Like Jason in Colchis, I sowed the dragon's teeth
And had to mow down the fierce armed men
I lacked the magic stone, yet didn't have cold feet
And fought like a hero, busting their heads open

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