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'1m 15 years old and have loved writing for as long as i remember. writing helps me to relax and express my views and opinions. Inspiration strikes anywhere: toilet, shower, music lesson, choir and class (basically most of the places where i can't, or will be punished for writing!) '


~ I've recently celebrated my 18th birthday, although most of what I wrote when I was 15 still holds true - creative arts are what I live for: music, drama, writing...
Since my early works, I feel my poetry had matured considerably. I have written some works which I haven't added yet which reflect my battles with personal identity and what one could almost call depression. With age my works have got much darker, but I feel that it is in dealing with deep feelings such as these that the best poetry is written - everyone can empathise with these emotions. Updates


A life can change in a heartbeat.
The tides of fate ever rolling-
To a final conclusion.
The fates themselves,
Old crones and hags,
their opinion shaping ourselves
and our destiny.

Goodbye my love,

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