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'1m 15 years old and have loved writing for as long as i remember. writing helps me to relax and express my views and opinions. Inspiration strikes anywhere: toilet, shower, music lesson, choir and class (basically most of the places where i can't, or will be punished for writing!) '


~ I've recently celebrated my 18th birthday, although most of what I wrote when I was 15 still holds true - creative arts are what I live for: music, drama, writing...
Since my early works, I feel my poetry had matured considerably. I have written some works which I haven't added yet which reflect my battles with personal identity and what one could almost call depression. With age my works have got much darker, but I feel that it is in dealing with deep feelings such as these that the best poetry is written - everyone can empathise with these emotions. Updates

Take Me; Leave Me

Take me away from here.
Away from this Earth of false perfection.
Away from pain,
Away from suffering,
To the cold darkness of the void.
Neither thinking,
Nor feeling,

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