Archana Rose

Biography of Archana Rose

Hi, See each day as a new dimension added to your vision, Observe as though you are seeing the world for the first time since you gained your sight, feel the pleasures like a new born, and your life would be the greatest adventure yet to be explored, everyday....I am a computer science graduate from Amrita University, Kerala, India. I am currently placed at Infosys.I got a great passion for writing, and that delved me deep into my potentials for expressing my thoughts through my masterpiece words. Hope you enjoy reading my poems. Always feel free to dropp in your suggestions and I would be the happiest to hear a word or two from my critics. Updates

A Shell Of Love

An Embodiment from the ocean of love,
This beauty came sweeping across my beautiful yet calm shore,
I am blessed to have it anchored in my golden sands,
A wonderful object that tuned my stretched shore to unexplored bands
Deep under the marine blue,
That’s where this beautiful shell was created to be true,
True to ones who own it on their shores,
With magical curves that sparkle with the magical touch,
Of He who had created it with so much art and swept using a splendid brush