archie hardie

(still alive. / gorbals, glasgow, scotland)

Biography of archie hardie

I was a wee bit of a hell raiser in my teens, twenties, and thirties, in other words, a bevvy merchant.thankfully I saw the light and reformed on the last friday of march,1985. Thats when i went to the a.a. meeting in Albin House, Cavendish St. Glas. G5. I am retired chef, having served my time with John Grant, (wine @ food) , I`ve done season jobs, worked in Manchester, Blackpool, London, Oz, Florida, New Hamps.,2nd cook and baker on the weather ships, chief cook on the research ships, , altogether 25 yers at sea and loved every minute, especially the tankers.I`ve had a few poems published but that was with random press, a more or less vanity pub.. I`ve got a few short short stories and have been thinking of putting them together, along with a few poems, and see if I can get them published as a paperback, maybe with Lulu. Updates

Think On This And Weep.

Think on this and weep.

Sad sadie had a hard hard life.
Her heart, once filled with joy,
when she`d married her golden boy,
was soon broken assunder
when she`d viewed her blunder,
lying unconcious
amid the cold morning ashes,

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