Areena Arora

Rookie (1/7/96 / Lucknow, presently in Allahabd, India)

Biography of Areena Arora

I have been doing poetry since the age of nine and by now have written over fifty poems, some of which have been displayed by me online.
Ever since I first read a poem, I have been inspired to simply write on anything everything that pleases me.
I hope to reach great heights with my poems in future.
Recently, I have been added to the Poetry Society of India.

Poetry is my passion, my everything.

Areena Arora's Works:

Regular column of poems in a magazine called The World of Great Faces and two e-books, one on the same site and the other is available on Updates

Tearless Eyes Of Mine

I've no tears to cry
my eyes have gone pale and dry.
What they saw in past
was discrimination on things like cast.
How does it matter being a Dalit or Brahman
when we are all normal humans.
It's a thought we have to change
a thought to change
a world will change.

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