Areena Arora

Rookie (1/7/96 / Lucknow, presently in Allahabd, India)

Biography of Areena Arora

I have been doing poetry since the age of nine and by now have written over fifty poems, some of which have been displayed by me online.
Ever since I first read a poem, I have been inspired to simply write on anything everything that pleases me.
I hope to reach great heights with my poems in future.
Recently, I have been added to the Poetry Society of India.

Poetry is my passion, my everything.

Areena Arora's Works:

Regular column of poems in a magazine called The World of Great Faces and two e-books, one on the same site and the other is available on Updates

Who Cares?

</>In the midst of the hot May
I went out one day
all around the town
to see who cares for a pretty dawn

I found a child tall and fair
and asked him was it fair?
to cut the trees long and tall
and not let the rain ever fall

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