Aria Lei

Rookie (January 20,1996 / Washington, USA)

Biography of Aria Lei

I am 17, almost 18. I live in Washington, and I write...everything. Short stories, Full-blown books (?) , poems, songs, and quotes. Along with anything else that includes writing. Most of my poems and songs have sad stories behind them, but I do have a couple that are happy. I have friends that are writers and one almost became a published writer. Anyway, I'm on here specifically just to share my work and get suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks. I've now edited my name, it is my real name with the first letters of my last name. I figure you should know me. :)

Aria Lei's Works:

No published books yet, though I plan to get quite a few published when am older and have the funds to do so. Updates

The Human Race

We are the human race,
The race of war.
We kill more of our own in one war,
than animals kill of each other in
ten years.

We are the human race,
The race of violence.
Just today I was told of

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