Aria Quimby

Biography of Aria Quimby

Hey guys! My name is Aria.
I know a lot of my poems are really depressing but I can't help it.
Depression is an emotion that's so easy to write about
A lot of the things I write about
I write because I don't know how to say them to people
I write about my nightmares, and I write about my experiences, I write about what I see, and hear, and dream of.

Everything I post is the original. I hardly ever edit things I write, so nothing that i post has been edited. Feel free to give me your opinions on my poetry, I welcome criticism.

Aria~ Updates


It's all I've ever done.
Run from my problems.
Run from my fears.
Run from the hurt.

But running isn't good enough anymore
I need to stand
Face my fears

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