Aria Siren

Aria Siren Poems

1. Queen Of Hearts 8/10/2012
2. Purgatory 8/10/2012
3. Dandelions 8/10/2012
4. A New Resolution To Conflicts Without Solution 8/10/2012
5. Fixation 8/10/2012
6. Transparent 8/10/2012
7. Asking You To Stay 8/10/2012
8. Pause 8/10/2012
9. Pretty Fly For A... 8/10/2012
10. I Know Not What Else To Do 8/10/2012
11. Reign 8/10/2012
12. Dervishes And Mastery 8/11/2012
13. The 90 Day Return Policy 9/5/2012
14. The One(S) 9/5/2012
15. Scripted Desire 9/5/2012
16. A Prayer 9/6/2012
17. Rebellious Sentiments 9/6/2012
18. Inconvenient Novelty 9/5/2012
19. Clorophorm Dreams 9/8/2012
20. Open Palms (Kissing You Goodbye) 9/18/2012
21. I Am Clumsy When I Love 11/13/2012
22. Looking In The Mirror After Crying 11/13/2012
23. Haagen Dazs Contemplations And Complications 11/20/2012
24. The Butterfly Is Dieing 11/29/2012
25. Don'T Cry Over Spilled Sunsets 12/4/2012
26. Delicate 12/8/2012
27. Grey Mournings 12/25/2012
28. Lesson Learned 12/29/2012
29. 9 Days Clean 1/8/2013
30. Soiled-An Acrostic 1/13/2013
31. Bold Muse 1/24/2013
32. Last Impression 1/24/2013
33. Afraid To Fall-Bound To Dive 2/7/2013
34. Fresh Air 2/12/2013
35. Painter's Muse 2/14/2013
36. Stung-A Haiku 3/5/2013
37. Unsaid-A Haiku 3/5/2013
38. Something Like Summer 3/16/2013
39. Eviction Notice 3/21/2013
40. October Did The Best It Could. 4/9/2013

Comments about Aria Siren

  • Grant Fraser (4/18/2013 8:35:00 AM)

    'Final breaths rise with no map to follow', This poem
    saturates to the very bones - so exquisite and sad!

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  • Søren Valentine Søren Valentine (12/30/2012 11:14:00 PM)

    In my eyes, Aria is a wordsmith. Like her, I have written for most of my life. If it wasn't for her and another friend, I would never have grown in style and diversity (if those are the correct words) . Her poetry often times has inspired me to write, even when I feel like giving poetry (and writing in general) up. She gives great advice when you need help with a poem and her language I find amazing. She bends words to her own will, twisting their meaning yet keeping their originality. Overall she is a great writer and if I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said (or written I suppose) it.

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Best Poem of Aria Siren

Clumsy, Silly, Me

i am clumsy when i love
but did you know
im clumsy when i walk?
i have no filter when i talk?
im a slop when i eat?
i trip over my own feet?
i screech when i laugh?
i muddle through math?
i wear my feelings on my face?
i like to move at a slower pace?
my room is anything but clean?
i make a funny face when i try to be mean?
i'm a grump when i wake up?
i just sneaked a sip from your cup?
i have laugh lines creasing my eyes?
and when i giggle i often cry?
i hide from scary movie scenes?
i am addicted to coffee beans?
i get ...

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You chain me
My heartbeat's knock
A clock
In your

Must everything
Remind me

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