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Aria Siren Poems

41. A Prayer 9/6/2012
42. Queen Of Hearts 8/10/2012
43. A New Resolution To Conflicts Without Solution 8/10/2012
44. Eviction Notice 3/21/2013
45. Last Summer 8/10/2012
46. Burnt 8/10/2012
47. Last Impression 1/24/2013
48. The Butterfly Is Dieing 11/29/2012
49. Fighting You, Fighting Me 11/6/2012
50. I Am Clumsy When I Love 11/13/2012
51. Looking In The Mirror After Crying 11/13/2012
52. Irony's Bite (A Sonnet) 10/4/2012
53. Clumsy, Silly, Me 2/14/2013
54. Haagen Dazs Contemplations And Complications 11/20/2012
55. Ennui 5/28/2013
56. 9 Days Clean 1/8/2013
57. Asking You To Stay 8/10/2012
58. Bloodlines 5/23/2013
59. I Write In Dreams 2/19/2013
60. Dancing With An Elephant-Sonnet Ii 3/2/2013
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Dancing With An Elephant-Sonnet Ii

Shuffling through old letters and devotions
Buried muse screams for me to let her float
Painted on skin deliquesced in your ocean
Elephant in the room sits on my throat

Screaming sparrows ring such savage alarms
But no wind can sing leaves back into place
Strike the pallid and pray to cause no harm
Weeping pleas for you to invade my space

You danced marionette fingers on my mouth
And you caged dead butterflies in my chest
And I can't forget you when I am roused
And I can't forget you when I'm in rest

All that is left are embers from the ...

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caught in the fog
that separates the distance between us
drowning under waves
waves that stir up trouble
slapping a desert with more dust

searching for the source
of talk that hurries and cowers
beneath the cloud of a rumor

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