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my names is arianna and i love to write poems but only love poems thast the only thing im good at but i like with a guy name gumaro estrada you may see me writing lots of poems about us bc i kno hes the right guy for me and the one i wanna be with for a long time and i kno that are love is real...weve been together for 6 months we met on dec 13,2010 i reLLY LIKE HIM HES MY EVERYTHING

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i dont have any books im just an ordinary person who wants to share my poems and hopes one to make a poem book about love... Updates

İ Can Be Free

i'm with a guy that means the world to me,
he makes me feel like
i can be free like
i can be myself funny and weird crazy or lame,
i love him with all my heart
i will never for get the day we met Dec.13.

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