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my names is arianna and i love to write poems but only love poems thast the only thing im good at but i like with a guy name gumaro estrada you may see me writing lots of poems about us bc i kno hes the right guy for me and the one i wanna be with for a long time and i kno that are love is real...weve been together for 6 months we met on dec 13,2010 i reLLY LIKE HIM HES MY EVERYTHING

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i dont have any books im just an ordinary person who wants to share my poems and hopes one to make a poem book about love... Updates

The Perfect Guy

I cant stop thinking about you
who kno u would be the one
to set my mind on something so
special something that my life depends on,
you care about me more then anyhing your not acting like
all the other guys the guys that are wanna be's
think they the shit and get all the girls well you only care about me and not all thoes bitches and hoes! ! i love you for that in fact i love im the only
girl on your mind...gumaro and Arianna for life ;)

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