Arielle Greenberg

(1972 / United States)

Biography of Arielle Greenberg

Arielle Greenberg (born 1972) is a feminist poet and the poetry editor of Black Clock. She is most renowned for naming and describing the concept of the Gurlesque in the anthology Gurlesque: the new grrly, grotesque, burlesque poetics, which she co-edited with Lara Glenum.
Greenberg was an assistant professor in the English Department at Columbia College Chicago. She is now living with her family in Rural Maine. They are working on an oral history-style book on the back-to-the-land movement in that area. Updates


I am three months out and six to go,
stuffing my plastic Superball body with the salt
& twang of crackers die-cut into the shapes of fish.
God forsakes me when I forsake him
but mostly he's much kinder, as is his duty:
I am radiant, people tell me, and have no hives,
except the swarm of gold bombs biting its way
into my sticky hollow. And I don't mean sex.
I am just a menagerie for bright orange creatures.

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