Arienne Smith

Rookie (Sep.20.1989 / Oakland, California)

Biography of Arienne Smith

I was born as a twin.As a child i loved to read, but in sixth grade my teacher Ms. Hector introduced me to poetry and ever since then i have been writing.I am growing to love poetry more and more cuz i release what i need but I am there so people can find a connection to me. Poetry is my life. RIght about now I am workin on music but i use my poems to fuel the lyrics. Im almost done with my cd so yea. Updates

I Thought

You sat there and told me you liked me, but now it seems like a game
everytime I see you, you act like you forgot my name
And when I find away for us to be together you seem to slip on down to where you say you dont want to be mine again
That one night is all I have to remeeber you by
because you're not worth the tears I want to cry
So arise in the morning and be thinking of m e like i'll be thinking of you and my whole redemption would be spending my life with you
but just like a fairyta

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