Arienne Smith

Rookie (Sep.20.1989 / Oakland, California)

Arienne Smith Poems

1. Out The Venue 7/30/2005
2. Wondering 4/22/2005
3. 4 Yrs. And Something Better 5/9/2005
4. Did You Know 1/5/2005
5. ~%&*#@$%~ 8/22/2005
6. Getting Help 8/22/2005
7. Afriad To Love You 8/22/2005
8. ! ! ! ! ! ! 8/22/2005
9. The End 5/9/2005
10. Thunderous Passion 5/20/2005
11. I Never 5/20/2005
12. Untitled 5/20/2005
13. I Still 5/20/2005
14. Up Late 1/3/2005
15. Thoughts 4/17/2005
16. I Thought 4/22/2005
17. Letter 5/9/2005
18. I Chose 2/5/2006
19. Leave! Stop It! (Guns Click) 7/30/2005
20. Fresh Air 8/30/2005
21. Not To Cut Again 7/30/2005
22. I Think Of You 4/17/2005
23. Life's Worth 5/9/2005
24. You(Things About You) 1/3/2005

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Best Poem of Arienne Smith

Fresh Air

So many nights fill with tears of anger and agression
so many days with the same bland expression
Finding release in the pain that I could cause myself
believing in nothing else
Same tormented dreams ever day
cant get over the same still images that seem to replay
Trying to distort the pictures of reality
so the world around me is fake

The same nights I wake up with cold chills
is the same night I fell, myself pushing closer to the edge
Feeling distraut because I cant scream for help
trying to get pass the pain I felt
Spending more time awake than ...

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I Thought

You sat there and told me you liked me, but now it seems like a game
everytime I see you, you act like you forgot my name
And when I find away for us to be together you seem to slip on down to where you say you dont want to be mine again
That one night is all I have to remeeber you by
because you're not worth the tears I want to cry
So arise in the morning and be thinking of m e like i'll be thinking of you and my whole redemption would be spending my life with you
but just like a fairyta