Arif Umer

Rookie (3 Jan,1985 / Pakistan)

Biography of Arif Umer

I am a student of B.Pharmacy in Lahore, Pakistan. But my real field of interest is Poetry. At the age of about fourteen I became inspired by Romanticism of Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, and Coleridge, and composed many poems which have now being published(at my own expense) . Usually I like the Classics.

Arif Umer's Works:

POEMS in the form of Ballads, Sonnets, and Odes Updates

The Poet

“Give me a golden pen; I will write
The thoughts that flow in me;
Like the message of the stars of night
Will my lays be.”

He caught echoes of the lark,
He molded them to words sublime;
Nightingale ceased, would hark
Her own soul in his rhyme.

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