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Biography of Arik Fletcher

Arik Fletcher poet

Like many people, I started writing poetry in my mid-teens to express my deepest and darkest emotions in a private and controlled outlet. This not only helped to bring a form of peace to my soul, but also brought a balance to my mind.

Over time the words and feelings developed, a certain flow or rhythm emerged which should hopefully become apparent to any readers. My inner most thoughts, my feelings, and my aspirations are all contained herein. So, why make all of these emotions public?

Writing poetry frees the mind and cleanses the soul, but this is only a temporary release as long as the words are kept secret. The only true way to set your heart and mind free is to release those inner most thoughts and feelings to the world.

So, to paraphrase W. B. Yeats; 'When you walk through these poems, tread softly because you tread upon my dreams.'

Arik Fletcher's Works:

Coming Soon: AB ORIGINE- the first decade of Nekatu Poetry Updates

Dream Girl

In the dream I had last night,
I saw an angel dressed in white,
Surrounded by a shining aura,
A-kin to that of the aurora,
She turned and stared, her gaze like fire,
Her eyes, they made my head perspire,
And as I stared into those eyes,
My heart, it leapt into the skies,
At last I felt alive, and whole,

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