Arjun Jethwa

Biography of Arjun Jethwa

i am currently nobody, unsure, unguided, and unflinchingly willing to try and find a route a guide and a direction in which to channel my energy. Over drinking, drug use and over eating are indulgences used to block our mind remove our selves from the reality. the reality of never being able to control our fait we are nothing but pawns of the government who uses propaganda to distract and explain actions. we do nothing but accept things as they are without realising the true dangers of this ignorance. i have lost everything because of an irresponsible government and have recouped a scrap of what i had. we obtain things and they are snatched away from us as if it were nothing but a joke, a game, a dilusion. Updates


who are his friends
who are his enemies
wen is it time to find out
must people always hold on to that pain
the one eating away at the mind of a person
that something we must conquer to remove ourselves from this cylce
this onslaught
this barrage of attacks and defences
are we at war wiv ppl or wiv ourselves

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