Armando Pribadi

Rookie (31 juli 1990 / Jember)

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Armando Pribadi poet

Well, nthing much of me.
I'm nobody and yet still working to be smebody, at least for smeone I loved...
I worked on these poem only to express my 'sick' and rebelled heart, nothing more..

but I guess, God influenced me with more doze than everyone did, hmpft, thanks Lord... Updates

'The Dead Soil'

Lack of thrilling sweats within,
this night I redeem to exhale an overshadowing breath as I swore to undo your illness and sickness then spew it forth to me.

Let my back be your place to dream on,
though tomorrow I shall be dying but I never regret to borrow u my insecure body,
again as a place for your lives, not for your lies.

Purify me like I purify your hollow mind where laid on a tomb,
guarded by restless skies,

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