Armando Pribadi

Rookie (31 juli 1990 / Jember)

Biography of Armando Pribadi

Armando Pribadi poet

Well, nthing much of me.
I'm nobody and yet still working to be smebody, at least for smeone I loved...
I worked on these poem only to express my 'sick' and rebelled heart, nothing more..

but I guess, God influenced me with more doze than everyone did, hmpft, thanks Lord... Updates

My (Dead) Queen Diaries

Everlasting spring blooms our spirits away,
Guiding your body lying next to me,
there is something in your face that make you looks beautiful,
an overflowing happiness I smell when you here beside me,
warriors we imagine guiding bonds we share,
a hand touching our barren skies,
but when I turn my eyes,
you’re the most beautiful cloud itself...

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