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ArmourQuill Hunter Poems

1. The Unjust Mate 4/21/2006
2. We Danced In My Dreams 4/21/2006
3. Dolphins, And True-Love Can Fly... 4/21/2006
4. I Lied, So Sue Me 4/21/2006
5. Love’s Cloudy Day 4/21/2006
6. Drinking Love Cold 4/21/2006
7. Love Above The Grand-Can 4/21/2006
8. My Love Has Gone... 4/21/2006
9. Arithmetic Minus Six 4/20/2006
10. What Is Measureless Time 4/20/2006
11. The Chief Musician 4/20/2006
12. A Dance To The End... 4/20/2006
13. Drugs 4/20/2006
14. Pausing To Know God’s Path 4/21/2006
15. Love Without A Blueprint? 4/21/2006
16. Upside-Down Dreams 4/21/2006
17. Men, Who Love, Perfect And Not 4/21/2006
18. Talking Hearts 4/20/2006
19. Granted... (Peace...!) 4/20/2006
20. Dream Scenario 4/20/2006
21. Communication, The Key 4/20/2006
22. The Transforming Question 4/20/2006
23. God Paints Secrets Of The Atom 4/20/2006
24. 2-Halves Made= Whole 4/20/2006
25. Man’s Thought Factory 4/20/2006
26. Embryonic Explosive Impact 4/20/2006
27. Blackbirds Can Dance 10/1/2006
28. Translucent Colours, Living-In-Art 10/7/2006
29. In, Through, And Around 10/9/2006
30. The Glorious Bath 10/16/2006
31. Religion Is... 10/18/2006
32. A Needle In A Hay Hat 10/19/2006
33. Scarlet Rope Of Heaven's Life-Raft 4/28/2006
34. Swashbuckling Piratess De Lorrain 4/28/2006
35. The Scarecrow Parable 4/21/2006
36. Free-Wheeling Across The Floor 4/22/2006
37. Peace, Granted... 4/22/2006
38. Highlander Highlights Scarecrow-Man 4/23/2006
39. Shaking You Down 4/23/2006
40. I Buried My Rose Today... 4/20/2006

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True, Real, Love

True love is tested
True love is best
Love is harder that all the rest
It’s balanced in wisdom
Its judgments are true
It is not just sentimental of heart
Thus, governing love with forgiveness’ glue

Love rebukes
Love brings growth
Love acknowledges what’s good for both
Love weighs “the truth” with event of time
Love, indeed, is “such a good friend” of mine
Though, love must start first from within
It frees the soul from unwanted guilt and sin

Love lives and gives, and humbly receives
It never harbours resentment for lost realities
It makes...

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A Dance To The End...

Of all words I’ve heard, yours echoed- like nothing ever could:
“May I have this dance for all my life; would you dance me to the end of love? ”
In my aloneness, under the apple tree, I “daydream of all you said” to me…
Just under that tree, sweet rapture that symphony played, way back when.

Years wasted, but I still think of you, remembering how we were again.
How did I guess, you’d rest your coat near mine, for hopes renewed in time.
Nor could I foresee 'you'd find-me' and leave no-do

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