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ArmourQuill Hunter Poems

41. Auckland, New Zealand, By Night 4/20/2006
42. Jehovah-Jireh My Praise 4/20/2006
43. Radiance Of Resurrection Light 4/20/2006
44. Jobe, The Patriarch Of Uz 4/20/2006
45. Brilliant, Brilliant, Light (Song) 4/20/2006
46. This Warrior’s Mirror 4/20/2006
47. Glamorous Witchcraft 4/20/2006
48. Mask Of Betrayal 4/20/2006
49. Those Quakers And Shakers 4/28/2006
50. Pausing To Contain 4/28/2006
51. The Testimony Of The Shoe 4/29/2006
52. Missing Gaps Of Love And Myths 4/30/2006
53. Loneliness Makes Loudest Noise 4/30/2006
54. I Scared 'Mr. Perfect' Away... 5/1/2006
55. Patchwork Buildings Of Cathedral Square 5/1/2006
56. Every Little Beat 5/3/2006
57. Mr. Paparazzo Papadopoulos Twist Nonsensically 5/3/2006
58. Historic Ancestors Of The Royal House Of Britain 5/5/2006
59. Don’t Wanna Be Your Muse, Just Your Fire 5/5/2006
60. Internal War Of Glory 5/7/2006
61. Forgive Me If I Play 5/7/2006
62. Word-Artist, Your Ever Flowing Stream 5/8/2006
63. Counterfeit Stupid Cupid 5/8/2006
64. Lost Children Lost Dreams 5/9/2006
65. Historic Grand Saint Graal (Grail) 5/15/2006
66. What President Smiles That Much? 5/16/2006
67. The Winter Haven Rose 5/17/2006
68. Single Soul Dwellings Entwined 5/19/2006
69. Mysterious Humorous Antics 5/20/2006
70. Denny's Restaurant Poem 5/20/2006
71. Of Constantine Ii, St. Helena Of The Cross 5/22/2006
72. The Naked Kiss 5/26/2006
73. Amorous Envelope 5/26/2006
74. Steps Extending Vibrant Life 6/1/2006
75. Owning Fraud's Thieving Infidelity 5/10/2006
76. Loving Dreams Of Neverland 5/11/2006
77. Iron Age Warrior Queen 5/12/2006
78. It 5/13/2006
79. Our Match Inside 6/5/2006
80. Our Box Of Matches~ Inside 6/5/2006

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I'D Dance

I’d dance in the morning
When the world has begun
I’d dance in the moonlight
For the glory of His Son
I’d dance for Heaven, dearly on earth
Sweet of frankincense, and gifts, from birth

I’d dance for Father, Son, and even the Holy Ghost
I would love to dance for he who loves me most
I dance for the God's fishermen
Of the Gospel clan and Redemption's plan
As I’m sure, they’d all come with along me
We'd dance, together, on humanity's great sea

I’d dance on Sabbath, the Religionist to distain
I’d cure all the wounded, blind, and also the lame
I ...

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It started once in chocolate,
It ended up in coke,
It found its way in music pangs,
Like vipers deadly fangs…
This poison spread like fire,
Throughout each state and home,
Now that it’s an epidemic,
To legalize they’re prone.
It started in candy,

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