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81. Lost Children Lost Dreams 5/9/2006
82. Outside Love’s Circle 6/20/2006
83. Presentation The Epidemic Deception 6/20/2006
84. After The Eclipse 4/25/2006
85. Igniter Of The 'Move Of God' 4/25/2006
86. Game's Over 4/26/2006
87. Take It All Back 4/26/2006
88. A Prayer 4/26/2006
89. That’s What People Say 4/26/2006
90. What If...? 4/27/2006
91. Tears Of Romance 4/28/2006
92. What Can You Offer Me? 4/28/2006
93. One Look Will Change Your Life 4/28/2006
94. Everlasting Evolution... 4/28/2006
95. Companions Not For Love 4/28/2006
96. The Lamb’s Bride, Dress Of Gold 4/28/2006
97. Who Sings In The Storm? 4/28/2006
98. His Jute Box Dancer 4/20/2006
99. Aladdin's Ladder 4/20/2006
100. God's Youngest Explorer 4/20/2006
101. Respect, When It Is Due 4/20/2006
102. Mommy And Daddy’s Book Of Love 4/20/2006
103. Looking Into The Seer's Well 4/20/2006
104. What Of Special Connections 8/22/2006
105. Mindsets Disconnect 4-Creativity 8/22/2006
106. Rainbow Visions 8/22/2006
107. What Of Many Suitors 8/24/2006
108. After The Prize 8/25/2006
109. Made Without Hands 8/26/2006
110. Kingdom Righteousness, Peace, And Joy 8/27/2006
111. Sea-Horse Dudley 8/29/2006
112. Sway Me, Lord 4/20/2006
113. Make Me Your Quilt 4/20/2006
114. Myriads Of Angels Around 9/9/2006
115. Etiquette Progressively Of Wisdom 9/10/2006
116. Accountability, To God, @-The-Top 9/11/2006
117. Glory Streams Of Victory’s Dream 9/12/2006
118. The Price 9/12/2006
119. No Love From My Rear-View Mirror 9/15/2006
120. God Of My Fathers 9/16/2006

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True, Real, Love

True love is tested
True love is best
Love is harder that all the rest
It’s balanced in wisdom
Its judgments are true
It is not just sentimental of heart
Thus, governing love with forgiveness’ glue

Love rebukes
Love brings growth
Love acknowledges what’s good for both
Love weighs “the truth” with event of time
Love, indeed, is “such a good friend” of mine
Though, love must start first from within
It frees the soul from unwanted guilt and sin

Love lives and gives, and humbly receives
It never harbours resentment for lost realities
It makes...

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What Is Measureless Time

What if an 'infinite Creator is-, and was-, and will ever be- Eternal...? '
For every heckler there is 'despicable errors' of dreaded infernal.

What if man, to identify space of time, drew a circle-line from 'A-to-B; '
A sort-of graph 'to mark the days, ' in measurable ways, for you and me-.

If time's eternal, and atoms are as well, then time doesn't travel; 'it exists! '
Religionists for the controlling game-frames, 'of do's and don'ts, ' make lists.

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