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121. The Gold And Glory 9/18/2006
122. Fashion Tops Overlay 9/19/2006
123. Valiadated, My Value 9/21/2006
124. You…”the Apple Of His Eye“ 9/24/2006
125. Don’t Sell My Friend (Jesus) 9/25/2006
126. Healing Is A Choice 9/26/2006
127. Cooking Turkey's Goose 6/21/2006
128. Drunk On Heaven's Floor 6/21/2006
129. Fly-Fishing 4-A Dream_Date 6/21/2006
130. Misconceptions Of Low-Wage Workers 6/22/2006
131. Your, Religious, Thoughts 6/25/2006
132. Is It Associate Or Friend 6/25/2006
133. Life's Like An Apple 7/8/2006
134. Perfection In Progress For Love 7/8/2006
135. All When Good Men Do Nothing 7/13/2006
136. Dancing Around Pros And Cons 7/13/2006
137. Death Of Cussing/ Cursing 7/16/2006
138. Testosterone Depletion And Aging 7/29/2006
139. July Paints Of Winter 7/30/2006
140. Stuck On Style Avoiding Inelegance 8/6/2006
141. Make Me Your Quilt 4/20/2006
142. Profiling The Prophet-2 8/10/2006
143. Business Of Angels 8/10/2006
144. The Winter's Rose 10/23/2006
145. Hell Paved “good Intentions” 10/28/2006
146. Sweet Symmetry Of Unbroken Prayer 11/2/2006
147. Cultivating Romance 11/2/2006
148. The Jewelled Smile 11/8/2006
149. The Bride’s Redemptive Home 11/10/2006
150. Inter-Numeral Dimensions Of Change 11/10/2006
151. The Eyes Have It 11/14/2006
152. Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days 11/23/2006
153. Lily In The Fool’s Court 11/24/2006
154. Soul-Mate Supreme 11/28/2006
155. Full Circle 12/2/2006
156. The Walkingest Girl Around 12/6/2006
157. No Discipline No Love 12/7/2006
158. Lifestyle Risk Factors 12/7/2006
159. Royal Blood Characterized 12/7/2006
160. God’s Blank Page 12/9/2006

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True, Real, Love

True love is tested
True love is best
Love is harder that all the rest
It’s balanced in wisdom
Its judgments are true
It is not just sentimental of heart
Thus, governing love with forgiveness’ glue

Love rebukes
Love brings growth
Love acknowledges what’s good for both
Love weighs “the truth” with event of time
Love, indeed, is “such a good friend” of mine
Though, love must start first from within
It frees the soul from unwanted guilt and sin

Love lives and gives, and humbly receives
It never harbours resentment for lost realities
It makes...

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The Chief Musician

My Quill is inditing such a good matter,
Of all “excellent treasures” I made for the King.
My tongue is the majestic ever-ready “Rainbow pen.”
Grace is poured into my lips, making me fairer in face.
His marvelous golden-grace flows richly through me.

My side is girded with his valiant sword from on high…
O most Mighty; ride with your glory and great majesty.
Release your heavenly life-giving river-flow of truth.

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