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161. Hostages Emotionally Blackmailed 12/31/2006
162. Evil Created By God? 1/4/2007
163. Between The Killing And The Loving 1/7/2007
164. Treasure Of The Sea 1/14/2007
165. Coffee Anyone-? 1/17/2007
166. Seasonal Cycles, Rhythm Of Timing 1/17/2007
167. Drunk On Heaven's Floor 6/21/2006
168. Fly-Fishing 4-A Dream_Date 6/21/2006
169. Misconceptions Of Low-Wage Workers 6/22/2006
170. Profiling The Prophet 6/23/2006
171. Your, Religious, Thoughts 6/25/2006
172. Is It Associate Or Friend 6/25/2006
173. Life's Like An Apple 7/8/2006
174. Perfection In Progress For Love 7/8/2006
175. All When Good Men Do Nothing 7/13/2006
176. Dancing Around Pros And Cons 7/13/2006
177. Death Of Cussing/ Cursing 7/16/2006
178. Testosterone Depletion And Aging 7/29/2006
179. July Paints Of Winter 7/30/2006
180. Stuck On Style Avoiding Inelegance 8/6/2006
181. Sudden Impact 2/9/2007
182. Kiss Of My Soul 2/13/2007
183. Timeline Guideline 2/23/2007
184. Miracles, I'Ve Seen... 4/15/2007
185. God's Radical Proclamation 4/15/2007
186. Rose-Light Full-Bloom 4/15/2007
187. Out Of Sight, Under Carpet 4/15/2007
188. Love's Rose 4/15/2007
189. Cooking Frogs By Economic Reactance 5/2/2007
190. Passion Vs. Patience 5/3/2007
191. Dynamic Ones 5/9/2007
192. Oh, Degenerate Man Of Despair 5/9/2007
193. The Hippo And Armadillos 5/22/2007
194. Road Rage To The Finish 5/23/2007
195. Lassoing Men To Corral 6/9/2007
196. Mr. B 9/5/2007
197. The Seduction Of Witchcraft 9/23/2007
198. Kaikoura’s Seal, Really Sea-Lion 4/20/2006
199. Heart-Sent Message In A Bottle 4/21/2006
200. When Love Loves Most 4/25/2006

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I'D Dance

I’d dance in the morning
When the world has begun
I’d dance in the moonlight
For the glory of His Son
I’d dance for Heaven, dearly on earth
Sweet of frankincense, and gifts, from birth

I’d dance for Father, Son, and even the Holy Ghost
I would love to dance for he who loves me most
I dance for the God's fishermen
Of the Gospel clan and Redemption's plan
As I’m sure, they’d all come with along me
We'd dance, together, on humanity's great sea

I’d dance on Sabbath, the Religionist to distain
I’d cure all the wounded, blind, and also the lame
I ...

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A Dance To The End...

Of all words I’ve heard, yours echoed- like nothing ever could:
“May I have this dance for all my life; would you dance me to the end of love? ”
In my aloneness, under the apple tree, I “daydream of all you said” to me…
Just under that tree, sweet rapture that symphony played, way back when.

Years wasted, but I still think of you, remembering how we were again.
How did I guess, you’d rest your coat near mine, for hopes renewed in time.
Nor could I foresee 'you'd find-me' and leave no-do

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