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161. Dethroning The Pedestal 12/10/2006
162. Mistletoe And Wine, C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Divine 12/11/2006
163. Redemption's Song 12/14/2006
164. Love's Sea Of Bottled Tears 12/15/2006
165. Egotistical Predator (Competitor Of Hell) 12/26/2006
166. Ancestors Of The House Of Britain 12/28/2006
167. Escaping 12/29/2006
168. This Will Change Your Life 12/30/2006
169. Hostages Emotionally Blackmailed 12/31/2006
170. Sudden Impact 2/9/2007
171. Kiss Of My Soul 2/13/2007
172. Timeline Guideline 2/23/2007
173. Miracles, I'Ve Seen... 4/15/2007
174. God's Radical Proclamation 4/15/2007
175. Rose-Light Full-Bloom 4/15/2007
176. Out Of Sight, Under Carpet 4/15/2007
177. Love's Rose 4/15/2007
178. Cooking Frogs By Economic Reactance 5/2/2007
179. Passion Vs. Patience 5/3/2007
180. Dynamic Ones 5/9/2007
181. Oh, Degenerate Man Of Despair 5/9/2007
182. The Hippo And Armadillos 5/22/2007
183. Road Rage To The Finish 5/23/2007
184. Lassoing Men To Corral 6/9/2007
185. Mr. B 9/5/2007
186. The Seduction Of Witchcraft 9/23/2007
187. Kaikoura’s Seal, Really Sea-Lion 4/20/2006
188. Heart-Sent Message In A Bottle 4/21/2006
189. When Love Loves Most 4/25/2006
190. Who’s At The Helm? 4/27/2006
191. I Scared “mr. Perfect” Away... 4/28/2006
192. Let It Rain, Let Love Reign 4/29/2006
193. The Dreaded Word, And Mindset 5/2/2006
194. Fabulous Dancing Feet 7/20/2006
195. Love Supreme And Unconditional 8/21/2006
196. All You Need Is Love 9/22/2006
197. He Whose Deadly Wound Is Healed (Rev.13: 12) 9/25/2006
198. Sowing Seeds Of The Past 9/27/2006
199. Don'T Mess With My Food 10/5/2006
200. The Room That God Built 10/19/2006

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True, Real, Love

True love is tested
True love is best
Love is harder that all the rest
It’s balanced in wisdom
Its judgments are true
It is not just sentimental of heart
Thus, governing love with forgiveness’ glue

Love rebukes
Love brings growth
Love acknowledges what’s good for both
Love weighs “the truth” with event of time
Love, indeed, is “such a good friend” of mine
Though, love must start first from within
It frees the soul from unwanted guilt and sin

Love lives and gives, and humbly receives
It never harbours resentment for lost realities
It makes...

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What Is Measureless Time

What if an 'infinite Creator is-, and was-, and will ever be- Eternal...? '
For every heckler there is 'despicable errors' of dreaded infernal.

What if man, to identify space of time, drew a circle-line from 'A-to-B; '
A sort-of graph 'to mark the days, ' in measurable ways, for you and me-.

If time's eternal, and atoms are as well, then time doesn't travel; 'it exists! '
Religionists for the controlling game-frames, 'of do's and don'ts, ' make lists.

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