ArmourQuill Hunter Poems

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Mr. B

Hello, Mr. B
You may not know me
Here’s me wanting to give you a chance
If business is your cup of tea, there might be romance

The Seduction Of Witchcraft

Hey there's nothing wrong with witchcraft; it's everywhere you go.
And Jezebel, history records, was renowned for a seductive show.
Though all is fair in love-&-war, witchcraft controls and defies rules.
But America denied God-and-prayer, and witchcraft cleverly fools…

Kaikoura’s Seal, Really Sea-Lion

From majestic shores I travelled far from LA, and visited across the vast sea-, ”
To Kaikoura’s enchanting place of NZ, where the air, there, is freshest to breath.
I watched 'waves of the sea-beat' against the shore; a sea lions was resting there.

Heart-Sent Message In A Bottle

I have waited all my life for your love, and yet you don’t even know my name.
It’s not that I’ve never known love (of a sort): still, I long for destiny’s frame.

When Love Loves Most

Jesus relates expectations of others speaking of his generation.

Who’s At The Helm?

Our gallant trim a gilded vessel goes, on the prow at the helm.

I Scared “mr. Perfect” Away...

What can I say 'I did it? ' I even remember “the day…! ”
Even after I’d developed such friendship camaraderie…
Times I’d visit him, after socializing from the pub and we’d have coffee.
Once, while listening to beautiful classic music we even had some toffee.

Let It Rain, Let Love Reign

Heaven’s open doors to gain, “let it rain Lord, let it rain.”

The Dreaded Word, And Mindset

Ones who dwell alone don’t mean they are lonely

Business Of Angels

A soul at its highest is like God but an angel resembles Him greater.
The business of Angels is to carry out acted-words of God; not later.

They rally to prayers of the Saints, directed by God’s Spirit Dove.