Arnav Penrhythm

Biography of Arnav Penrhythm

Aspiring poet and a writer. I am quite fascinated by the abstract idea called life. Philosophy lures my mind to an unfathomable degree. I prefer to write in old English as to me, archaic words have an essence of innocence and lucidity within it. It has the past glory and sanctity of feelings and emotions wrapped around it. For me, literally 'Old is eternally gold'. But still I try to adapt this old mind of mine to the modern context of my life and intertwine the two to pen down and produce my thoughts in the form of poetry. Currently working on my first amateur experiment with sonnets. Updates

Time To Laugh

Lo! Tis time to laugh my dear
For later tears are to be shed
Bring that smile and lose all fear
As hereafter I’ll be gone and dead

Life! Is too short but sweet
So live it full to drink
Open thy arms and sweetly greet
Each day as it shrink

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