Aron Heroux Biography

The vulnerability and indulgent vanity of posting my stuff turned me away at first but a friend wanted to see what I write, and given my lifestyle it's not a bad idea to have a digital backup of my stuff either. I'm a student from Vancouver, currently working and traveling around Alberta, Canada. I'm a motorcycle racer and I write music and play guitar. Most of my writing is personal and written from experience, some of it is a souvenir of the places my mind goes when it wanders, and some of it sheer fucking nonsense I put down while bored off my rocker. I write lyrics, poetry, and whatever the hell I feel like at the time. Some might argue I have no style, but I'm not changing it regardless, so leave comments if you like, but my philosophy on the matter is that writing is a means of expression... write to express yourself and it can't be wrong... write to impress and it can't be right. That being said, if you take the time to read my stuff, thank you. That's it. Peace.

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