Aroura Colour

Rookie (March 29 / Saginaw, Michigan)

Biography of Aroura Colour

Born in Lansing, Michigan on March 29,1996. I lived in a family of six that included me, my mother, my father and my three younger brothers. We moved about seven different times between my brother's and my birth. Then we wound up in the heck hole, 'Sagnasty' or as others refer this God forsaken city, Saginaw, Michigan.

Aroura Colour's Works:

None to be out to the public... Yet, anyway(: Updates

Youthful Hearts

</>I see young couples;
Hand in hand.
With not a bit of troubles;
Oh, so grand

Many a time I mumble,
'What about my prince?
Where is he when my tower is to crumble? '
I continue my strole, vast many a fences.

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