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Biography of arpita QQQ

Born in a quiet nook of the wide world, I have spent twenty three years in search of a greater meaning to this life, in vain. Life shines forth in optimism and I reach out to touch her.

Just a regular nobody in love with college campuses, writing lyrical poetry, indulging in deep reverie through and through classroom lectures, not being fussy about food and being fussy about certain other things. Trying to find some clarity in my life, sorting out complexities in life and being irrationally, hopelessly excited about the future.

Here I am standing at the threshold of my life waiting to cross over to the next world and although everything is still murky, it is tingling with possibilities. There is hope, there are dreams, there are a hundred visions and revisions of a life that is yet to come. Maybe there will never be a break, and like always the past and the present will merge in to each other. And yet inspite of such fears I cannot fail to acknowledge that there is something special, something ineffable that waits for us as the future. I want to take a leap of faith and plunge in to that new world, breathing in its novelty, its harshness and its levity. The future seduces me and I cannot resist its charms and its endearing quality. I do not know what lies ahead but I feel this feverish excitement - a feeling that surpasses happiness or pain or anger or loneliness, its a rush of adrenaline, a madness of thought and feeling, wanting to jump headlong into all that is yet to come. Updates

A Funny Incident

Knocking at the door,
In the middle of the night,
At half past four
When i switched off the light
Came five little goblins
With red satin caps
A basket full of clanging tins
And strange coloured maps.

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