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I am new to writing poems and i am looking forward to posting my work on this website. I am looking to find new poets myself and develop my skills as i am just starting off. If anybody has advice i would love to hear it.My poems are going to be about everything. I am going to write about my mood of the day, my past and life experiences to even random things i see. I hope my writing skills get a lot better and who knows i may become a good poet.

I feel i have a lot i need to get off my chest and i think poetry may be my way off expressing all of this.

Thank you and i hope you enjoy Updates


Weave webs of pure delicacy
pump fear into hearts of gigantious size.
For i am a thing of beauty but always get cries
Why all the hate when we leave a legacy.

All of us spiders just want to be loved
Life is a torment when leg count is eight.
One conversation that would be great
Guess i'll go back to my corner where spider is shoved.

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