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Arsene Hodali Poems

1. Sometimes I Think I Get It 6/13/2013
2. Linear Notes On A Celebrated Death 6/13/2013
3. Ayn Rand 6/13/2013
4. Dont You Mourn The Sun 6/18/2013
5. How To Walk Amongst Folk; Intentional Inexistence 6/13/2013
6. Breaking News! 6/13/2013
7. Thanks For Your Trouble 6/13/2013
8. Funny How, Lennon’s Still A John Through All That Jazz Juning 6/13/2013
9. The Dog Of The System 6/13/2013
10. Barefooting 6/13/2013
11. 10/09/2012 – Argumentation For Imprisonment 6/13/2013
12. Give Me Enough Time And I’ll Think About How I’m A Bad Mother 6/13/2013
13. She Says The Heart Must Be Broken 6/13/2013
14. The Liberating Imprisonment Of A, E, I, O, U, And Sometimes Y 6/13/2013
15. How Good Fathers Tell Time 6/13/2013
16. My Tragedy, Not Too Tragic 6/13/2013
17. Life As A House In Winter 6/13/2013
18. Fifty-Three Shots Short Of One-Oh-One 6/13/2013
19. This Is How We Walk To Church When The News Says Priests Touch Boys 6/13/2013
20. Her Love Was A Tin Cup 6/13/2013
21. How To Love 6/13/2013
22. Ptsd 6/13/2013
23. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? 6/13/2013
24. Aquaphobia 6/13/2013
25. Flood Myth 6/13/2013
26. I’m The Sort Of Person That’d Say Shit Like 6/13/2013
27. To My Past Loves 6/13/2013
28. William James Sidis 6/13/2013
29. Victory, And Victory! 6/13/2013
30. Destined For Greatness 6/13/2013
31. Written While Reading Infinite Jest In A Noisy Hospital Ward 6/13/2013
32. My Will Of Won’ts Of These Words 6/13/2013
33. A Couple Of Definitions 6/13/2013
34. What Adam Writes 6/13/2013
35. My Mom Talks To The Air But She Doesn’t Call Herself A Poet 6/13/2013
36. Busy Hands Don'T Hold Razors, Busy Hands Don'T Hold Razors, Busy Hands Don'T 6/13/2013
37. There Will Come Soft Rains 6/13/2013

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Best Poem of Arsene Hodali

There Will Come Soft Rains

There will come soft rains
And the rooftops will cry music

And the eukaryotes will dance

And not one will know of the music
Not one of what was such soft rains

And the prokaryotes will dance

And, there will come soft rains
And rooftops and music

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Ayn Rand

how horrible it feels to shell out
a moving life
creating ceiling light

(screwing a lightbulb is
a two part problem
play of
inspection and sadomasochism)

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