Arsiema Berhane

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Biography of Arsiema Berhane

'I ain't much of a poet. But i love writing what comes to my head and call it poetry. (i know that sounds crazy) . Anyways, i will keep on writing and please don't stop reading. They can be beautiful, bizzare, strange or Boring. So thank you for stopping by to read'em and comment on'em.
Thanks a million. Naaaaaaaaaa, , , , , make that two million and peace' Updates

I'M Stupid

I found him sitting there
On his only and lonely chair
Lots of papers on the floor
A candle of light on the table
And Beethoven's poster was on the door.
It looks so scary, cus the shadow of
The vodoo talisman has fallen on it.

He was writing, my friend

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