Veteran Poet - 1,744 Points [Buddy Holly Cheesehead] (01/04/60 / Chicago)


41. I Want To Be Madonna? 4/20/2006
42. U'Re The Only U That U'Ve Got 5/9/2007
43. Habitat For Humanity 5/16/2016
44. Don't Wait Until I'm Dead 5/23/2016
45. Roses Are Pink 5/25/2016
46. Noises Are Loud 5/25/2016
47. I'm A Nice Fellow 5/25/2016
48. All The Churches I Visited 5/27/2016
49. A Tribute To Radio Shows Past And Present 5/27/2016
50. Simon Sparrow 5/27/2016
51. Why Did I Write This Poem? 10/19/2016
52. Stand Up For Something 11/2/2016
53. There's More To Life Than This 11/29/2016
54. Like A Super Nova 11/29/2016
55. Dear Old Death 11/29/2016
56. Fight 12/21/2016
57. Like Winter Haiku 1/5/2017
58. Make Taco Trucks Great Aagain 1/23/2017
59. A Rich Man 1/27/2017
60. Friendship 1/27/2017
61. Old Rickety Road 2/3/2017
62. The Trees Don't Think It's Spring 2/3/2017
63. Stacking The Chairs 2/5/2017
64. Almost Home 2/8/2017
65. When Summer Came In On A Winter Day 2/22/2017
66. Clothes By Art Paul Schlosser 3/1/2017
67. Twinkle Twinkle College Student 3/5/2017
68. In A Perfect World You Would Have Been Mine 3/19/2017
69. Let Wisdom Guide Your Romance 3/19/2017
70. Our Humanity Call 4/10/2017
71. Christmas Carols Long After New Years 4/30/2017
72. It Feels Like Friday 5/4/2017
73. Roses Blood Red-Violets Dark Blue 6/17/2017
74. Where You Going Honey 6/17/2017
75. Memories Of The Joys Of Summer Past And Present 7/4/2017
76. Free Speech 5/9/2007
77. Friendship By Art Paul Schlosser 5/15/2007
78. By God's Grace 1/28/2009
79. The Blame Game 1/26/2010
80. I'M Rapping For Peace 5/9/2007

I Like My Mother

There's candy
Good dreams
And I like my Mother!

Mothers are sweet
Mothers are nice
They help you
Give you good advice
And they make you cookies!

I like my Mother!
I like my Mother!
I like my Mother!
I Like my Mother!
I really
My Mother!

Theres Uncles
And I like my Mother!

And I pray God
You'll let my Mother live a thousand years
So I don't have to get a job or do anything
And I can just live with my mother!

I like my Mother! ...

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Jesus Is My Saviour

1.Jesus is my savior
Jesus is my Lord
Jesus is the Flavor
A joy forever more

2.People come and go
Some you never really know
But Jesus is a friend
Who's friendship never ends

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